Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thunderstorm Noel

I'm taking the time to write about this thunderstorm because of 2 things, the first reason is because of the desvastations it left behind and the second reason because of an analogy I heard from a friend today. This little thunderstorm which then became a hurricane, came to my country unnanounced (due to irresponsable communication) unexpected and caused tremendous amount of harm and death. Roads were completely destroyed due to floods, overflowed rivers smashed newly built bridges, homes and entire towns were wiped away. It has been terrible for so many people. As we spoke of this today at one my friend's house someone comented on an analogy a man made at their church this morning, the man said that God allowed this thunderstorm because of the recent battle against depenalizing abortion this country is having. He said, it is amazing how something unanounced, unexpected and so simple caused such a terrible disgrace, the death of abortion, to the babe it is unanounced, unexpected and with something so simple as a vacuum or some technique. one of the girls said but why harm the lesser ones, the poor people, our friend said, because thats exactly how it is with abortion, the babe is the one being harmed and killed, the weak one.
The problem is, the population having the highest amount of abortions right now is the low class because of they're lifestyles and the conditions they live in. After so many years now they're trying to make abortions legal. I believe that this storm could probably be some sort of judgement on behalf of God, and we must be thankful always in all situations during the joys and during the tempests. Situations like these bring people closer, and bring them closer to God and we should use these oportunities to witness and spread the Gospel. Get people thinking, if it were your home being washed away and you were in it would you go to heaven? or hell? how is your relationship with God?

Please pray for my country! We are in greatly need of help!!
God bless,
Rita M.

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