Monday, March 13, 2006

What you MUST know!!


Here’s the deal; God is Holy and righteous. Righteousness demands justice. Because of God's righteousness, He cannot permit a sinner into Heaven. For example, if you get caught speeding on the highway, you will get a ticket and there will be a fine to pay. The law enforcement officer will not be interested in excuses; you broke the law. Even if you didn't think you were speeding!!
The Bible is very clear that there is a price to pay for sin... and the only payment God accepts is blood. (That’s why the Old Testament is so full of animal sacrifices.) God requires blood to pay for a person’s sins.
But what is sin? How do you know if you are a sinner? God gave us the Ten Commandments to show us want sin is, and therefore what will require payment. Here is a quick test... Have you ever told a lie (regardless of how big or small)? If you have then you are a liar! Have you ever stolen anything (regardless of value)? If you have then you are a thief! Have you ever used God's name as a curse? If you have then you are a blasphemer! Have you always obeyed your parents?.... if not, you are guilty of breaking God's law. Judge for yourself... will God find you innocent (and accept you into Heaven) or guilty (and send you to Hell)?
Remember that whole deal in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve? By eating the fruit they broke the law God had given them. They tried to hide their sin, but let’s just say God noticed the fig leafs. They were sorry they had sinned, they offered excuses and blame, but were still judged and found guilty. Make no mistake, God loved both of them, but God's love does not overlook sin... what kind of "good God" would allow liars, thieves, and murderers into Heaven?!? Simply put, sin will be paid for.
And so, God replaced their fig leafs with animal skins, (not because God was concerned they would get cold, but remember, blood has to be shed to cover the sin). This was the first of many blood sacrifices to atone for sin. But there was a little problem with these sacrifices. Bulls and goats were all imperfect and therefore their blood only a temporary covered the sin... it couldn't pay for it. That is why they had to keep sacrificing an animal every time they broke the law.


God’s solution to this little problem was simple. He would send His own Son into the world to be the sacrifice once and for all. His Son was perfect (meeting all the requirements of a sacrifice) and, as long as He came into the world through a virgin, He would not be born under sin. Jesus could then offer HIS blood to pay for the sins of all people (not just temporarily cover them up.)
So, it was all set, God sent His Son into the world through the virgin (Mary). Jesus grew up fulfilling the prophecies (all of them) spoken about Him; and at the ripe old age of thirty-something, He was crucified. He was buried (because He was dead… not just sleeping… not pretending… DEAD) and rose from death three days later.
Remember our little test earlier. The fact of the matter is that no one (who is honest with themselves) can pass that test. The Bible teaches that everyone has sinned and will fall short of the Glory of God (translate: you will not be going to Heaven). So then, the only way to Heaven is to receive the gift God gave us in the sacrifice of Jesus. By accepting the sacrifice, you are allowing Jesus' blood to cover your sin instead of trying to use your own blood.


The question is - what have you done with His gift? God paid a GREAT price for our salvation.
And how do you think God will respond to those who have sinned. What about the people who nailed Jesus to the cross… how do you think God will deal with them? Our God is a loving God, slow to get angry and quick to show mercy, but let’s face it, if anyone has a reason to fear God they do!
If the blood of Jesus was shed for everyone, then we all had a part in His death. How do you think God will respond to us if we choose to ignore His gift… double jeopardy… not only did we have a part in killing His Son, but then we say "No Thanks" to His offer of forgiveness.


So, what will your response be to this free gift that God has offered you? If eternity hangs in the balance, can you afford to wait another day? Today is the day for salvation, you are not promised tomorrow. Click here to see the 5 simple steps to salvation!

Salvation, Obedience, and faith go hand in hand

So yesterday at church we were learning about the VIIth Pillar of Faith, Salvation. And it struck us all that the salvation door is so narrow. It leaves no space for any other option than, Jesus is the only way. We couldn't understand why it had to be that way because a lot of people don't actually get to know God, or they do not get to know Jesus. But as I was reading today my virology material for tomorrow's midterm I've come to realize that God put enough evidence of his existence in everything and everywhere in this world for everyone to wonder where all of it has come from. I've heard people say but what if I'm taught ever since I'm a child one thing. We all have something in common, we feel when something is wrong and when something is right and all we have to do is either ask, or investigate elsewhere. Truth is most people do not want to hear that they can't do whatever they want with their lives, or they do not want to admit that they are sinners, or they know the truth but their hearts are as stiff as a stone. God's will and plans are not only perfect and just but their is no question that he has layed out the cards on the table for us. He's not the one being unfair, we are the one's being stubborn.

I finished reading Leviticus and it's amazing that at the end of this book God tells them look: these are my rules if you abide by them you will recieve much blessings, but if you do not obey them..and then He lists a number of horrible of things that could happen. Clearer than cristal water he could not have been, and yet they disobeyed him. And those people, the people of Israel, they presenced God like everyday, they had not seen him face to face, but they saw the smoke up in the mountain of Sinai, and above the tabernacle or temple or whatever its called in english. And they still disobeyed Him. It's a pattern, i've seen it throughout the histoy written in the Bible. Instead of being so stubborn we should learn from the teachings and from our mistakes.

Lord knows he has to teach me something everyday, like today, i got an 0.8 out of 1 in a quiz and I was so angry because the only mistake I made was to leave out a word of almost no importance to me, everything else was perfect so I asked the teacher why it mattered so much for that stupid word to be there, and she said look I repeatedly asked for all of you to put approx. before any number because these numbers are not exact, and I just found it so unfair that on other exams she didn't even care to mark it as wrong but on my exam which had nothing else wrong she had to mark it. But I was stubborn and selfish and God told me do not mention that she did not take points away for that on other people, do not mention telling you. But no, stubborn and Proud old Rita had to mention it. The teacher got angry, made me cry, and to make matters worse she said that if I had not mentioned the other students thing she might have given me the points. Ouch! what a blow on my pride, but I have learned my lession. Who was I to judge her grading rules, in that classroom she is boss. Just like in this world God is boss, His rules are His rules and we must follow them whether we like them or not.

God Bless,