Monday, October 10, 2011

What if?

After we left occupy Philly Friday night, my husband asked "can you imagine if these people ruled our country?" And this not in a positive light. Here's an article that explains very well the sentiments of my husband's question:
Us Christians have been so distracted with the entertainment of this world, being numbed by the entertainment that even the church brings us, and we have forgotten how the early Christians were "turning the world upside down" (Acts 17:6) with the gospel and NOT conforming to it or even imitating it. We admire missionaries for the work they do in foreign countries yet, completely ignore or forget how we can transform the world around us with the gospel right here at home without having to travel thousands of miles to a foreign country.
While I disagree with the underlying motives and worldviews of many of the protestors, I applaud their desire to go out and try to make a difference, to stand up for what they believe is wrong. Christian have the gospel, the power of God unto salvation(Romans 1:16). The Gospel is what transforms wicked hearts, and we should be out there proclaiming the goodnews of the gospel and pray that God will save and transform many. Always doing it for God's glory and not hoping in this world but in the next. And having full confidence that God will make all wrongs right, the wicked will be punished and Christ will reign(Rev 11:15).