Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Making of a Tare

I know there are some things in me that need changing, a lot actually, like being more diligent, not being lazy, being more open to people and asking for other's advice rather than me reaching my own conclusions based on my opinion...And I believe the Lord has been breaking me down all these days, putting me through fire as to eliminate all of those "impurities" or things neither Him nor I want to see in me. But after a big "breakdown" there is always the "picking up the pieces" wether it be through some bible reading (which by the way I haven't done all these days thanks to the computer and final exams) or an article, or a devotional. Well here's the broom for today.

The Making of a Tare

September 2006 by Bill Gillham

I don't believe anyone intends to become a tare. I've known people who set out to go on a tear, but never one who wanted to be a tare. Jesus said tares—"grain-like weeds that grow in a grain field"—face a horrible eternity. A tare appears to be wheat until you bite into it! Jesus used tares vs. wheat as a metaphor to differentiate between "religious" folks and the real deal—spiritually reborn saints (God's holy people). Religious folks are merely members of the church organization while saints are members of the organism—the body of Christ. Tares are spiritually dead; saints are alive, spiritually alive. Saints are in God's forever family; tares won't make the cut.

Jesus' disciples wanted to go on a tear "pulling up" tares to protect the wheat. But, Jesus told them to cool it; that it was too early for that; that tares would be dealt with later (Matt. 13:24-43). We know, however, that Jesus loves tares because He died for them. So, how does a person become a tare?

I strongly suspect the fly in their anointment is that they never repented. When an unregenerate sinner recognizes and acknowledges his guilt before Holy God and his intense need for Jesus to become his personal Savior and Lord; when he desires to turn 180 degrees and trusts Christ to forgive him, enter into him and change him, God calls this repentance. You must want to become a new person before God will change you into a new person. This is mandatory to regeneration. Jesus said, "He who loves his life loses it; and he who hates his life in this world shall keep it to life eternal" (John 12:25). Did you come to hate life before you were reborn in Christ? The person who "loves his life" as is has no motivation to change. He likes things as they are. C. I. Scofield said, "Repentance is not an act separate from faith, but saving faith implies that change of mind which is called repentance." This is not simply human opinion; the Bible teaches mandatory repentance:

  • John the Baptist paved the road to Jesus by preaching only one message: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" (Matt. 3:2). Jesus' forerunner taught repentance as embracing our Savior.
  • Jesus launched His earthly ministry, "From that time Jesus began to preach and say, 'Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand' " (Matt. 4:17). Jesus taught repentance.
  • Jesus anointed Peter as "apostle to the Jews" and Peter preached, "Repent therefore and return, that your sins may be wiped away" (Acts 3:19). Peter preached repentance.
  • Jesus anointed Paul as "apostle to the Gentiles." Paul taught, "God is now declaring to men that all everywhere should repent" (Acts 17:30). Paul preached repentance.
  • Everyone is either Jew or Gentile. Man must turn from "doing it his way" (repent) and come to Christ in faith to be saved.

"But, Bill, what about the thief on the cross? He didn't repent." A salvation prayer does not necessarily employ the R-word, but upon having a repentant attitude. The thief on the cross demonstrated a repentant attitude (read Lk. 23:39-42).

Jesus taught, "Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple" (Luke 14:27). You can be saved, but you can't be Jesus' disciple (sincere adherent) unless you agree to the terms of the cross. God says you were crucified with Christ (Rom. 6:6; Gal. 2:20). You get a new lease on life, a new beginning by first being crucified, then spiritually reborn in Christ (1 Pet. 1:3). You don't crucify yourself any more than you saved yourself. God did both, for us to claim by faith. Appropriating this means "taking up your cross"—a moment-by-moment attitude of mind and heart. You have already been crucified in Christ, but similar to salvation, this will benefit you only as you agree with—embrace this truth, by faith.

The man who takes up his cross has no rights. His confidence and hope are in Another. The man who takes up his cross is no longer in control; how much control can you have hanging there? None; his destiny is in Another's hands. The man who takes up his cross can be unjustly humiliated by the world; the cross overrides his pride. His significance and acceptance are in Another's hands. The man who takes up his cross no longer seeks to take care of number one; he trusts Number One to take care of him. The man who takes up his cross has given up on finding meaning in the world system; he's found meaning and purpose through intimate fellowship with Jesus (Jehovah is Salvation; God in a Human Wrapper).

Friday, August 11, 2006

If I had just one day...

"Lord if I had just one day I'd surely spend it studying..." I said out loud last night while thinking "right...there is no other day, tomorrow's the test period" I had not slept one bit, it was almost 6 am the sun was out and people here were starting to get ready to go to work. "I'll sleep a couple of hours and then I'll study some more" I thought. "Oh God please!!!! I'm going to flunk! I've tried studying but it just wont get in my head...I can't flunk this class" I said out loud, while I chatted and skimmed through the pages of the Pathological Anatomy II classes all at the same time. 6:10AM time to sleep a bit. I slept like a baby. 10 A.M. well time to get up, and study some more. "The test is in 4 hours I think I might be able to cram in some more" or so I thought. 11:00 Nothing, my head was empty, bits of information here and there but nothing that could possibly make any sense.
*Ring Ring*
- (Marcos) Rita?
- (Marcos) where are you?
-At home, I'm getting ready to go to class.
(Marcos)The exam started an hour ago...
(Marcos)Ehh... yeah!
- But, But!! isn't the test at 1???
(Marcos) No! the class stars at 11 and ends at 1pm
-Your kidding!!!
(Marcos)The teacher says you can come and take the test tomorrow at
-Omgosh how embarrassing!!! please tell him it was an honest mistake! oh gosh!
(Marcos)Lol! I will don't worry..he says to come at 10 tomorrow, room 307.
-Oh my..i'm so embarrassed ok..thanks marcos!

"Oh DEAR GOD THANK YOU!!!!" I yelled as I fell to the ground on my knees.
If I had just one day...

So yeah, that happened today!!!!! And I'm taking advantage of my extra day!!
Pray for me!
And may God bless you all!!!
Rita M.

*UPDATE* [9/11/07]
Funny thing is this class which I was repeating is sort of like the continuation of Histology which was the first class I flunked after I had told God to leave me alone and let me find my own happiness.... :) just a thought

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I keep pulling a "bree"

So I have recently been through a slight disappointment *sigh* and well besides God I still haven't found that one person who I can open my heart to and pour my soul out...I've always wished for it to always be me and Jesus and Lord knows it..but He was right when He said "It is not good for man to be alone"..and I'm not talking about my chihuahua Penny. I need a friend. Lord, all I ask for is a friend. A christian friend, who likes going to church like me, who likes to talk about the bible and about You Lord. A friend who'll listen and trust me to listen back as well. A friend on this side of the computer lol! :P...Well thats it..Wherever he/she is may the Lord bless him/her dearly!

and May God bless you all!
Rita M.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to Cloudy days and Rainy nights

Figuratively speaking the title to this blog would sound like there's some trouble. The truth is, that is how God and I like it, Cloudy and Rainy and cozy. After two weeks of going through a dry spell in my relationship with the Lord, He brought me back with an amazing sermon last Sunday, an amazing book (Isaiah) and some other amazing things He has put in front of me. So today I'm taking the time to Shout out to God and say THANK YOU!!! And I LOVE YOU!! YAY!!!...I'm sorry my heart is just leaping with Joy :D:D:D It just feels so good to "be back" but I'm glad we went through it because God made me realize some things that were not right with me that needed to be "fixed" and so Him and I have been working on it...One of the things that we still have to work on is my being selfish sometimes and not apologizing for it. Hopefully this week things will be back on track yay!. Please pray for me!! It is much needed. And thank you :)

May the Lord bless you all!
Rita M.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I've had the opportunity of spending time with a wonderful 2 year old named Robert. Mostly what we do is watch cartoons in the morning while his mother cooks and cleans downstairs. What we always watch is Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Blues Clues, and on Discovery Kids we watch the backyardigans, Clifford, Bob the Constructor, Pinky Dinky Doo, Jim of the moon and among others.
All of them excellent and educational cartoons, some even teach english to the little ones. There are some cartoons which have a hint of "magic" and "sorcery" and sure kids are kids and they do not catch on those kinds of things, but these images they see and what they hear stay in their little minds until one day. But the easy solution to that is to not let them watch the cartoon in question, period.
What I haven't yet seen is the mention of God anywhere in any of these cartoons. Or christian cartoons anywhere. Some people think that talking about God to a kid is too heavy but it is not, there should be the option of wanting to show your kids Gods greatness through the thing they like most at a young age, cartoons.
But I guess there's no immediate solution to christian cartoons, for now. Someday maybe. There's always the old fashioned ways, through songs, the bible and myself.

Blessings to All!
Rita M.