Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Truth

Today at Church the Pastor, while talking about the teachings of the Lord found in John 14: 1-31, said something which I completely agree on and its not about traditionalism, and its not about christmas spirit its about the Truth. Among the many teachings found in those 31 verses one of them was that Jesus is Truth and that if we accept Jesus in our hearts we are accepting completely and entirely the Truth, thus we must live in truth and set our hearts apart from lies. For example whenever Parents tell their children about Santa Claus, they have to make up tons and tons of lies just to keep the Santa Claus tradition, and most people do it because they don't want to ruin the Christmas Spirit. And in some cases after the child discovers that his/her parent has been lying to him/her for all of those years they feel deceived, some have even been emotionally distressed because of it. The thing is that the true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, hence the significance of the word CHRISTmas. So, instead of lying and telling your children that santa claus sent them gifts, why not explain to them the real meaning of Christmas, explain to them how Jesus was born and how the three kings brought Him gifts because they knew He was the King of kings. For Jesus said:

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the
kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these"

Mathew 19:14

May this christmas and every other christmas be a celebration of Christ's birth.
Rita M.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Being a Med Student

So there we were, walking down the parking lot of the very huge, new and pretty Herrera Hospital. All we needed was the music on the background and a space on WB and we could've been the newest hit TV series "Herrera ER". LOL! It felt so great, in case you haven't quite understood yesterday was my first day as an "ER Doctor" at a hospital and the experience was too awesome!!! Being a med student rocks! And for all of you out there who are studying medicine and are thinking twice about it because of what you have to learn, the books you need to read and the countless hours of your life you spend studying it is WORTH IT!!
Yesterday I sutured my first Px and it was wonderful, I was very nervous and I really did not want to do it because I was afraid of doing it wrong but in the end I agreed to. So there I was in the hallway in front of my Px remembering what to do: "Gloves, Instruments, Clean, anesthesia, suture, knot, cut, suture, knot, cut, clean" I could see his foot moving as I inserted the needle into his skin time after time, but to his luck it was a very tiny cut and I only gave him 2 sutures, so after I cleaned all his other wounds and covered them, removed the blanket of the bed, my colleague finished writing his Clinical History, and I finished writing order for and x-ray of my Px's left foot, he went on his way but not before thanking me. It was sweet because he knew it was my first time, and he realized that I didn't know if I was doing it right, but in the end it was all well. The day was not slow at all, a lot of Pxs came in, most of them were car and motor accidents, and just one case of an at-home-accident, a kid who had wounded his left thigh. The saddest case of the afternoon was one of an old man who was run down on the street, the guy who ran him down was decent enough to bring him to the hospital, but shameful enough to abandon him there. All in all it was a great first experience and it makes all the trouble i've been through as a Med Student worth it.

Friday, December 09, 2005


I was thinking the other day...Well I'm always thinking it..But it is so amazing how you can see people spending thousands and thousands of dollars/pesos/euro in therapy trying to understand why all of a sudden they do not feel like living anymore, or why they're so unhappy and frustrated when the answer is simple. I know it may sound simple to me now, cuz trust me if someone would have said to me a year ago all you have to do is believe that Christ is your Lord and Savior and accept him in your heart, and that burden you've been carrying for so long will be gone, I would've laughed. Shame on me. But the Lord has his own way of working and he knew exactly when to let me fall so he could pick up the pieces and I could realize what he was trying to show me.
People, this is a person (me) who accompanied her sister to church activities and prayer groups, church and saw they way they all acted and said to myself.."I just can't, I could never be like those people. Noooo! That? That will never happen to me. Lord I love u and all, but you know I'm a good girl, really I hardly ever lie and when I do its little things like yes mom I took a bath when actually I hadn't" But like they said in church on Wednesday "For impossible things, God looks for the most impossible person and breaks him/her down" Now I'll tell you without God we are NOTHING. I felt like no one, I was never popular, or the most loved one, never invited to all the parties. But to know what I know now, to feel what I feel, to have Christ in my heart :D It's like I'm the luckiest girl in the entire World! And oh how I would love to share it with everyone, how I would love to see people that felt like me, convert. So I pray to God each day to try to guide those people to the light, where we all belong.
God Bless

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I've been wondering lately, why are people so afraid of being open and honest with the ones they care about, and/or love? Most of them, live with the constant fear of losing that person because of what they might say. But the thing is that while they are holding up all these questions in their head they become prisoners of their own little secrets and around that person it becomes almost impossible to be themselves. I don't know if it's the case of any of you readers out there, but it used to be my case for quite a while and now it feels so liberating to be able to say to that person look this is what's up, but it bothers me that that person can't do the same. And things would be so much easier and less awkward if we all knew the truth, even if it made us feel bad, trust me it's better than spending a lifetime with an illusion than sooner or later will crash down on you and make you feel worse than you would imagine. So save yourselves the anxiety that causes fear and be Honest.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Being a New Follower of Jesus

Well I found this article not by coincidence of course, and I want to share it with all of those who are out there just like me New Believers :D Enjoy

Articles :: the Better Life

Being a New Follower of Jesus
First steps in a Walk of Faith August 30, 2005 - by Henry Cloud

I remember when I was a new follower of Jesus. It was one of the most exciting times of my life. There was so much to learn, so much to understand, and so much to experience. I remember meeting so many new people as well, and feeling like "what am I doing here? These guys know how to do this and I am clueless." It was fresh, exhilarating, and at the same time a little overwhelming. Maybe you feel that way too, and if you do, here are some tips for you as you begin your journey.
First of all, the most important thing that you can keep in mind is that following Jesus has NOTHING to do with being religious, so don't feel like you all of a sudden have to go weird on all your friends and family. Sometimes we can have a preconceived picture of what it looks like to be a Christian, and then feel like we have to fit into that. When that happens, it can do a lot to spoil what God really wants to have with us. Being a Christian is not about keeping a bunch of rules, or trying to be good enough for God, or not being yourself, or fitting into some mold. It is about something much better.
Being a follower of Jesus is primarily about relationship, pure and simple. God desires two things above all else, and he referred to them as the two greatest commandments (see Matt: 22:36-39) They are "to love God and to love other people." So, don't let any of the noise around you confuse you about the two most important things in life: having a good relationship with God and with other people. That is the essence of what following Jesus is about. And when that happens, a ton of other great things happen as well, like finding your true self, finding your gifts and potentials, having God-sized dreams and being empowered to reach them, and having true purpose and meaning in life. It is such a great deal that the word "gospel" was used to describe it, which means "good news!"
So, unlike "self-help" programs, where you have to figure out life on your own, being a follower of Jesus is the opposite. It means that you never have to "do life" alone, ever again. Every minute, you can talk to God, ask Him for help, guidance, strength, wisdom, and resources. Or you can just hang out and talk about that beautiful sunset or the smog that is blocking it. He understands it all and wants to be with you, and guide you into the life he wants to create for you. And, you don't have to do life alone without other people either. God has given you a new family of other believers to connect with, figure out life with, and get help from as well.
Therefore, as the Bible says, "just as you have received Christ Jesus, continue to live in Him." (Col. 2:6) You received him by just simply putting your trust in him and beginning a relationship, and that is how to live in him each and every day. It is that simple, so keep that first and foremost in your mind, just connecting with God in an honest and simple way. Don't complicate it..No religion, just relationship. He is alive and with you, so just talk to Him.
And to connect with others, get in a small group, or some other tight-knit fellowship of other believers where you can get to knowother Christians and be known yourself at heart-felt levels. In that kind of community, God dwells in deep and discoverable ways.
Then lastly, learn more about Him by reading the Bible. It is His book that he wrote to you and will let you know what he is like, contrary to what you might have heard! Start by reading the Gospel of John, and you will get a good picture of Jesus and how much he loves you. Also, read a Psalm and a Proverb or two regularly and you will also see how involved in life God really is.
Welcome to the family! You are in for a great adventure, and the good thing is He will never let you down.

Monday, October 31, 2005


It's funny how people react to things they hardly know anything about. I told one of my many friends today about how I gave my life to Jesus, and his reaction was negative. But of course how can I be surprised..If people only knew what it feels like to receive the Holy Spirit, if they could only FEEL what I have felt they wouldn't talk the way they do, they wouldn't think the way they do. How partying and drinking, and smoking and lying and feeling depressed is so much better than going to church, they wouldn't say these things, none the less think them. Those are the harder hearts to break open, to melt.
Then there are other reactions, of people who are curious with the idea of how I came to accept Him in my heart, people who notice how positive the outcome of my decision has been and whom somehow would love to feel that too without having to sacrifice their lifestyles(i.e. going to religious retreats). As if they were afraid of losing how they are now, not knowing that how they are now and the path they're following leads to a dead end.
Then there are others who would absolutely love the idea but they feel ashamed, ashamed of what people might say, ashamed of the sins they've commited. But for those latter ones, Jesus died in that cross for us for our sins and He loves us above all of these sins we've comitted all he wants is for YOU to come home. I too was one of those.
This is a little something I would like to share with you people, the cold hearted ones and the more soft hearted.

More On Religion and Spirituality
by John Fischer

When you give a gift to someone in need, don't shout about it as the hypocrites do--blowing trumpets in the synagogues and streets to call attention to their acts of charity! I assure you, they have received all the reward they will ever get. (Matthew 6:2 NLT)

I don't know how many of these sayings are floating around out there, but I may have uncovered something significant. Earlier this week I quoted one of our readers as saying that a religious person sits in church thinking about fishing while a spiritual person goes fishing thinking about God. (Not at all meaning to imply that the spiritual person is fishing in place of going to church, by the way. The point is simply that spiritual people worship God with a heart that permeates everything they do, while religious people may look holy, but not have their heart in it.)
Now someone has sent me this: "A religious person is trying to avoid hell; a spiritual person has already been there."
Religion is the nemesis of Christianity, and these types of contrasts point that out. Religious people are stuck in a religious points system that keeps track of everything. They are actually pretty confident that hell can be avoided based on their own point tally. By contrast, keeping track is the last thing spiritual people want to do, because their track record condemns them. They believe that they deserve hell and get heaven by God's grace. Spiritual people are constantly pinching themselves because they can't believe their good fortune. The last thing they want to do is tally up points, because that will only confirm what they already know: they don't have enough. Never will.
I think I'll try my own hand at this:
Religion is a system; spirituality is a state of being, made possible by a relationship. Religion is trying to please God; spirituality is enjoying God. Religion is Martha fussing in the kitchen; spirituality is Mary listening at the feet of Jesus. Religion keeps the score; spirituality keeps the faith.
And yes, spiritual people have been to hell and back, because that is how they came to know God in the first place. They all came to the end of their rope in some way, calling out desperately to God and finding Him there, eager to listen and respond. It's the hellish kinds of experiences that have brought them to realize their need.
No one can be found unless they are lost; no one can be saved unless they are drowning. Spiritual people realize this because they have been rescued
. By contrast, "Jesus saves" means nothing to the religious because they have nothing in their determination from which they need to be saved. Religious people have too tight a hold on their own lives to ever let go. Spiritual people let go and find that God is always there to catch them.
Consequently, when spiritual people serve, they do it out of full hearts of gratitude. When religious people serve, they do it for points, and as Jesus said, they already have their reward (Matthew 6:2).
You can see how religion has kept a lot of people from Christianity. It's a shame, because there couldn't be anything farther from the truth of what it means to know God.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Changing Lanes

This is an account of my new found life ever since I gave my heart and soul to Jesus.

I remember asking you to send me a sign. You've always answered my questions and boy did you answer this one this time. I was at a point in my life where I didn't know what to do, I was desperate, I was having trouble hanging on to the little happiness I had in life. I was in constant depression without reason at all, I was at low point and eventhough I knew what I had to do, like most of us out there I didn't want to. I saw all these things that I could possibly be giving up, my lifestyle mostly and in my head would say nah, maybe later. But you called me, twice in two days. You sent me the sign I had asked for. And at the lowest of the lowest a friend asked, "How's your happiness?". I couldn't contain myself I burst into tears. Because only you know and will ever know how desperate I was, how I yearned for you so, how I needed you in my life, in my heart. And now, 6 days later here I am. I opened my heart to you, I accepted you in my life and never have I ever been so happy, so peaceful, so calm in my entire life and it is the best feeling one could ever experience. The best love, the unconditional love Christ offers you, to love you above it all, to be there with you, for you will never be alone as long as God is in your heart. God Bless you all

Friday, July 08, 2005

Evangelism Adventures

Since AiC is under "attack" by some silly hackers, I will be posting my adventures in this blog, for the time being. Please pray for the people who are doing this, trying to sabotage such hard work.

Fear of Man - Part 2
DateThursday, July 10th 2008, 10:24 PM Icon47 Date2

I've been struggling with fear of man for quite some time now, but I've found out that there are some people, situations and/or things that are said that can inhibit said fear and let the Holy Spirit fill me with boldness to preach the Gospel to whomever, including family.
This happened last weekend at my dad's friend's home. They were having a goodbye/birthday dinner, they as in my dad's tennis players life-long friends (at least 6 of them out of a group of over 10 men) and atheists apparently. There was still one friend that had not arrived and one of the guys seized the opportunity to mock the fact that he is now a Christian, saying that he hadn't arrived cause his pastor had not given him permission to hang out with them. For some reason I felt so offended and in various occasions asked Mr. Mocker politely to stop mocking him, then one thing led to another and before I knew it one of the men, one who had been living in the US for quite some time (and the birthday boy that night), said "I don't think we are all that bad to be condemned by any religion" O the evangelist in me pushed away that fear of man and seized that beautifully phrased proclamation of man's goodness.
I took all them through the 10 commandments, all were guilty duh!, and explained that the Bible says that if you break but one of them you are guilty of breaking them all, and that we are condemned to hell unless we repent and put our faith in the Saviour Jesus Christ. Unsurprisingly Mr. Birthdayboy tried to defend himself by saying that the Bible was written by men and thus filled with mistakes and that because of this it couldn't be trusted, I replied back with a question "Have you read the Bible entirely?" obviously he hadn't, so I told him that it was ignorant of him to say such a thing. Then he and Mr. Mocker jumped unto the evolution vs. creation topic asking how on earth I could believe in creation being a medical student, funny thing is most evolution defenders who aren't scientist cannot mention one fossil or one piece of evidence to back their claim. The conversation soon ended but with a promise to continue at a future time.
The only one there that wasn't an atheist was Mr. Agnostic who sat beside me, when the conversation wined down he turned to me and said "I believe in God, just not the God of the Bible" I replied that what he was doing was idolatry conforming a god to suit himself a god he's comfortable with and while he disagreed about committing idolatry he agreed that this god he prayed to every night was one he was comfortable with.
While it saddens me that these people whom are dear to me didn't repent that night and so continue to live their sinful lives, I was glad to be able to preach the gospel yet again to my dad. Father's day is coming up soon, I plan to get him a fishing rod, he went on a fishing trip with some family friends a couple of months ago and came back like a kid with a new toy telling me how me and him are going to go fishing and how he plans to buy a boat. I pray to the Lord that I may be able to once more push aside this disease called fear of man and let the Holy Spirit do His work and use this opportunity to be a real fisher of man and preach the gospel to my dad for the third and fourth and fifth time during our fishing trips.

Until Next Time,
Rita M.


Thank you Lord Jesus!!
DateTuesday, May 27th 2008, 7:09 PM Icon65 Date5

WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been in such a faith crisis due to something that had been happening to me pertaining to the ministry I belong to at church, and I had been praying to the Lord that He would give me courage (I'm an UBER shy person) to go to the pastor and beg him to dedicate an entire sermon on True Biblical Evangelism. To preach on the NEED of preaching Repentance and Faith in Christ in our evangelism, one Sunday one of the pastors talked about the Gospel, I was so excited, but on the service I attended 12-2pm (there are 3 services) the pastor did not talk about repentance, I was disappointed. I commented this to a friend of mine from Church who had gone to the 10-12 service in which repentance was explained. But the service recorded to publish the sermon on the website was the last one, again I prayed and prayed. With the new semester I've had no time whatsoever to go to bible studies on Wednesdays and I had to miss a couple of Sunday services due to trips with the family, the hospital, etc. Anyway, this Sunday I couldn't go to church because I had an 8pm to 8am shift at the hospital and was beat when I got home. Today about 10 minutes ago, I launched iTunes went directly to my Podcasts to get my daily dose of WOTM Radio noticed that they hadn't uploaded today's show and remembered that because today's monday my church's sermon should've been uploaded by then so I clicked the IBI podcast and there it was!!! My prayer ANSWERED!!! Just look at the title! "And then, How will we evangelize?"
I was skeptical at first and hopeful all at the same time!! the pastor preached on Acts chapter 3, verses 1-16 and v.19, the pastor read twice verse 19 (my heart skipped a beat) then proceeded to explain what just happened in those verses. Compared that type of healing with today's modern version of -unbiblical-"healing". Then made very clear that he was going to preach on v.19 and how we have done the terrible thing of blotting out the preaching of REPENTANCE! from our Evangelism!!!! Ohhhh Praise the Lord JESUS CHRIST!!!! Finally my prayer answered!!
It's like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!!! I wanna cry and leap out of Joy and sing and shout! :D Can't wait for Sunday to arrive!!!

"Act 3:1 Now Peter and John were going up to the temple at the hour of prayer, the ninth hour.
Act 3:2 And a man lame from birth was being carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple that is called the Beautiful Gate to ask alms of those entering the temple.
Act 3:3 Seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple, he asked to receive alms.
Act 3:4 And Peter directed his gaze at him, as did John, and said, "Look at us."
Act 3:5 And he fixed his attention on them, expecting to receive something from them.
Act 3:6 But Peter said, "I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!"
Act 3:7 And he took him by the right hand and raised him up, and immediately his feet and ankles were made strong.
Act 3:8 And leaping up he stood and began to walk, and entered the temple with them, walking and leaping and praising God.
Act 3:9 And all the people saw him walking and praising God,
Act 3:10 and recognized him as the one who sat at the Beautiful Gate of the temple, asking for alms. And they were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him.
Act 3:11 While he clung to Peter and John, all the people, utterly astounded, ran together to them in the portico called Solomon's.
Act 3:12 And when Peter saw it he addressed the people: "Men of Israel, why do you wonder at this, or why do you stare at us, as though by our own power or piety we have made him walk?
Act 3:13 The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, the God of our fathers, glorified his servant Jesus, whom you delivered over and denied in the presence of Pilate, when he had decided to release him.
Act 3:14 But you denied the Holy and Righteous One, and asked for a murderer to be granted to you,
Act 3:15 and you killed the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead. To this we are witnesses.
Act 3:16 And his name--by faith in his name--has made this man strong whom you see and know, and the faith that is through Jesus has given the man this perfect health in the presence of you all.
Act 3:19
Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out," (ESV, emphasis mine)



Open Door
DateThursday, April 24th 2008, 8:05 PM Icon58 Date4

Knitting a Cloth

This is the first thing I ever knitted, it ended up being a very deformed cloth. I had no idea what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to knit, whatever it was. It has tons of mistakes, I dropped who knows how many stitches, but I learned, and since then been able to knit socks, scarves, hats, and even lace! thank the Lord. I've met some wonderful ladies and a lovely community of knitters willing and ready to lend a hand, virtually speaking of course, whenever needed.
But now it is time to refocus my knitting toward something else, its time to really do this for God's glory as should everything in our lives be done, as Christians.
An amazing door has just opened up and boy am I willing and ready to jump through it!
Next semester I'm beginning the first of 3 semesters to come before I finish med school, I'm entering my Internship which lasts a year, hence the three "semesters". The hospital I wanted to go to sadly(or so I felt) was not an option this semester and so I was left with 4 other options, out of those four the one I wanted was full and so I picked one knowing that God has His will and not always will it be something we necessary like at least in the beginning. He didn't choose the handsomest king He chose David, He didn't choose the "better" son He chose Jacob. And likewise, this Hospital which I visited for the first time last week I think, while others saw it as unappealing and scary I saw it as a blessing!
My entire family from both sides have been raised catholic, most don't even believe in God or at least not the God of the bible. From my dad's side the first response after finding out I became a Christian, here that means "Evangelica" (Evangelical and sometimes confused with Pentecostal) my aunt said "But you were a catholic!" I simply sighed. Of course my aunt doesn't know me as a person, she only knows what she's heard from my mom and my mom would never speak ill of me even if I were a monster which I once was.
So what does this have to do with knitting for God's glory, with the hospital etc?
Well it all began last week when I visited my aunt's clothes shop, on the counter she had 3 gorgeous crocheted shawls!! I mean LOVELY shawls, incredible well crocheted shawls!! I was mightily impressed she told me she'd be willing to teach me! all I had to do was bring my crochet hook(s) and some yarn and away we'd go. Since I knew the hospital was somewhat in the area I asked my mom to take me there that I can finally see the hospital and see what its like from outside and the surrounding areas, the hospital I found out is at a walking distance from my aunt's house and from the shop.
But at that point I still wasn't sure I had passed my ob-gyn class (a long story) so while it all seemed orchestrated by God I just needed that last confirmation, that I would actually go to this hospital.
And today I found out I did pass! And as of May 6th will begin my Internal Medicine Internship at Padre Billini Hospital, and my "Internal Medicine" Evangelism at my Aunt's home!

Please pray for me and my Aunt!! Not just her, pray for her daughters, one of them lives there too and my grandfather a very stern and stubborn man who hates God and especially the bible, he also lives there!

God bless and Happy Knitting!
In Christ,
Rita M.


An Adventure

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DateTuesday, March 18th 2008, 8:11 PM Icon66 Date2

wow I just finished writing a very long post and when i clicked preview WHAM! disappeared!...i'll take that as a I'll just post the adventure.


I was decided to hand out some tracts at my dad's office so i stuffed a few of MDB into my computer bag. Again I was undecided as to when to hand them out and so I sat down started typing the thing i've been typing for the past week, put some music on and waited for the right time. But the Lord is amazing and provides even in moments like these! a friend of my dad's came in today, he's christian (his testimony is quite amazing, he was shot twice, one in the face and one time in the chest, he was unharmed from both gunshot wounds the rest is history) and I thought wow! Lord thank you!! perfect chance!...I still didn't know if to burst into the work-related conversation he was having with my dad or if to wait until he was finished. The Lord once more provided the moment, my mom sent me to the first floor to buy some coca cola for my dad's friend, perfect i thought! I ran down the stairs (we're on the sixth floor) and ran back up with soda in hand, came in and he was almost about to leave but my mom was trying to talk him into waiting for the coca cola, I handed her the drink and ran toward my computer bag took out a tract and ran back to him "Look at this Richard!" and started reading in outloud (its a small office so everyone heard) and then handed it to him and said "here! share it with someone!" and then ran back to my computer bag took out the rest of the tracts and gave one to each of the employees and one to my dad as well!
what an awesome day!!



Another thing that happened yesterday AND today was that the secretary was telling me (I don't know how the conversation was brought up) that conversion is a slow process. I proceeded to explain to her that conversion was something radical, explained that it happens when one repents of the sins comitted and puts their faith in Christ and then when we are born again we have a new nature and a new desire to please God and a hatred for sin. I also explained the difference between santification and conversion. She's RCC


But today after I handed out the tracts to everyone, she read it and said "hmm this looks evangelical, be careful Rita or you'll end up converting" I chuckled and said but I've been a Christian for the past 2 years and 5 months...and she said ohhh thats why you gave me that answer yesterday (the one about conversion).


We didn't talk any further because well she was busy answering the phone and I typing the thing.

Why is it so scary?
DateMonday, March 17th 2008, 7:07 PM Icon99 Date5

You know I keep wondering why is it so scary to hand out a piece of paper!! seriously. Last week I was at the super market with my mom, I was carrying my messenger bag, where I usually keep my tracts, I had two Gospel of John in english left. As we were heading toward the cashiers two guys passed us by and I overheard them talking in english, so I said to myself perfect!! two gospel tracts two people! but just the thought of mMillion dollar bill tracte going up to two guys to hand them a tract overwelmed me with fear. Why?? Its not like they were going to beat me up right there in the supermarket!! My mom had finished paying for the stuff and was beginning to walk toward the door with the shopping cart in hand and all the stuff in it, I seized the moment! (thats another thing, my mom is not christian so that adds to the fear factor as well) I turned around walked up to one of the two guys asked him if they were american the guy said in spanish he is, pointing to his friend, i'm dominican. And so i took out my Gospel of John tracts and said here one for you and one for your friend! And that was it! Nothing happened, no one beat me up, the supermarket didn't come tumbling down. I went to the parking lot, hopped onto the car and that was that.

What I don't get is why is it scarier for me to hand out a tract than to talk one on one with a person!??

This saturday after youth group we all went out for sushi, we had such a nice time, ate, chatted, all was well. Then it came the time to pay for our meals, I thought hmm why not give the guy a million dollar bill tract, which i had plenty of in my purse. My problem with the million dollar bill was that it looks REAL! and this is a third world country!! So i would imagine handing out a MDB tract to someone and them getting all excited about all that money only to realize its just a tract! and then consequently would end up beating me up for having lifted his/her hopes only to bring it down. But again I put those crazy thoughts aside and said to Joel, the waiter, "here read this!" he took it and then I said "its the million dollar question! what happens after we die!?" when he heard me mention the word die he wanted to give me back the tract!! He said I don't want to die!! and one of my friends said read it!! and so he kept it and walked away. (I know, I know it could've been a great opportunity to witness to him!! I know that now but he got the tract!) The next day I was so excited about handing out more tracts that I took a bunch of them and stuffed them in my purse, went to church. It was time to leave and I usually take public cars to return home. I crossed the street waited for the car to arrive and when it did hopped on. Now i give the guy the gospel tract now or before i get off, I didn't want to be rejected or have the guy give the tract back so i decided to give him the tract when i got off he smiled and said thanks, I also gave one to each of the two ladies riding in the back of the car, they smiled as well and thanked me! I was excited!! I was telling them all here read this! Its the million dollar question! I had to take another public car to be able to get home and so waited again for one to arrive. This one was almost full! 3 people in the back seat, a lady in the front seat and the drive, I sat in the front seat with the lady. Again I waited until I got off and handed MDB tracts to all of them, there was a couple in the back who didn't want to take the tract but took em anyway, the driver said "hey! you've enriched us all!! With the message this has right!!??" I smiled and said "yes! definitely the message!"

It was sooo great to have em all say thanks! for giving them a gospel tract!!! :D

Next Adventure: Handing out MDB at my dad's office, its a small office of 5 employees and my dad the boss but i've been going there for the past week typing this thing for my dad, a sales report of one of the companies they work for. So stay tuned!


I'm Rich!!!

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DateFriday, March 14th 2008, 6:54 PM Icon83 Date6

I've got a 100 million dollar bills!! lol!! i got 'em yesterday yay!!! and Now my fellow AiC friends and members, I need you to help me out with ideas on how to go about passing them tracts! I've got the optical illusions one as well. Any idea/s will be greatly appreciated!

Million dollar bill tractsOptical Illusions tract

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My fav tract!!

DateSaturday, March 15th 2008, 8:57 PM

They are easy to use and easy to go into the spiritual realm.




DateSaturday, March 15th 2008, 9:41 AM

you could just walk up to someone and ask "Hay, did you get one of these?" :-) If you have 'One thing you can't do in Heaven', by Mark Cahill, check it out for some Great witnessng ideas.




DateFriday, March 14th 2008, 9:47 PM

The MDB's are the easiest! At grocery store check out lines, at gas pumps, in vending machines and ATM's! My dad and I walked through a parking lot full of cars, and just stuck on on the driver's side windows above the door handles... Some guys saw us, and looked interested (they do look like money! :). And, so we gave some to them too! :) I hope you get 'em all out there!...and that you get some great adventures too! :) GBU!



If you are looking for lines to say.....

DateFriday, March 14th 2008, 8:44 PM

Here is one I have been thinking of using for the illusion tracts: After you perform the illusion, tell the person that their eyes are deceiving them and show them how it works. Then say, "You know, one thing we don't want to be deceived about is where we will spend eternity. I used to be deceived in thinking I was going to heaven because I was a good person. Would you consider yourself to be a good person?......" What do you think?


The Atheist

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DateWednesday, February 27th 2008, 9:57 PM Icon80 Date2


Today I decided that I would try to stir the conscience of Armando, one of my classmates, he went to the area I was in the hospital he had forgotten his scrubs and so couldn't go into the pre-labour area so he stayed with Alexandra and me in the microbiology lab. So I began to ask him if he believed people should be punished for their crimes, he actually believes that people should be reformed or dealt with in a psych consult or with a psychologist,he doesn't believe in punishing his future kids or giving them rules because he wouldn't want to make the same mistakes his parents made with him (his mother is catholic, probably pushed the catholicism in him like most families in this country). Then I asked him if he believed that a person who comitted a crime was guilty of his crime, he said that people like that obviously probably have some sort of childhood trauma and thats why they comit crimes, then I asked what he would do to someone who'd rape and murder his sister if he had any, he said that person should get into therapy first..I was really shocked to listen to that, so I probed some more...and asked, so he's not guilty of what he did? Armando answered that the man was guilty of course but he thinks the jail system doesn't really work, he believes in reforming the person and then reinstating him into society. Then that lead to him asking me about the Bible, he asked about the Inquisition, and about Dinosaurs (he is obviously misinformed because he said that human DNA has been found in blood on a dinosaur's tooth, evolutionist atheists generally believe Dinosaurs lived millions of years before humans "evolved" but of course I did not know this until yesterday when I did a little research), I explained that in the bible there are animals mentioned that we believe are dinosaurs (Behemoth and Leviathan) and then he asked if it talked about Dinosaurs eating human beings (like in Jurasikpark...not shocked with that statement, people are influenced greatly with what they see on tv). The discussion ended because we all had to leave, but I promised him to clear his doubts on the Inquisition and the supposed burned documents by the church and bible references to Dinosaurs in the bible.

Please pray for Armando, and the 2 friend who were listening to the converstation, Alexandra and Michelle.


Public Car
DateWednesday, February 27th 2008, 9:41 PM Icon55 Date2


As I was on my way to church in a public car (Public cars are one of the means of transportation used here, they are normal cars generally fit for 4 to 5 people including the driver but here in this unique country the driver will stuff up to 6 people in it, its actually an adventure toPublic Car ride in one of those things) anyway generally I use public cars to get to church especially when I don't have enough money for a cab. So I was in the front seat, the Holy Spirit was really convicting me about witnessing to someone in that car, people came in and got off..finally about a block away from where I was supposed to get off, and with no other passangers but me I said to the driver, "so can I ask you a couple of questions?"

Driver: Sure, go ahead!

Me: What do you think happens to a person after they die?

Driver: well they die and thats it, they drop dead like a bird

Me: what do you mean? don't you believe in Heaven and Hell?

Driver: Of course I do! I believe in God and all of that.

Me: I see, and who do you think goes to Heaven?

D: Well people with clean souls and people who do good things and people who are well with God.

Me: You mean Good People?

D: Yes

Me: And would you say you're going to Heaven? Are you a good person?

D: Of course I am! I mean, if its God's will..why are you asking me these questions?

Then we went through the law, I asked him 9, 8, 5 and 7. He agreed to have lied but said that he wasn't a liar, he has never stolen anything or dishonored his parents (I asked him if being a liar wouldn't be dishonoring to his parents, he insisted he wasn't a liar) he did confess to have lusted after women.

I explained why I was asking those question, I told him about Hebrews 9:13 and that God's standard was perfection and thats why Jesus had to die on the cross and bear the sins of the world because none of us can live up to God's standard.

I had to go and he had to leave as well. He asked me what sect/cult I belonged to I told him I was a Christian and didn't belong to any cult. He then said he would have to visit my church because I was giving him a speech. I handed him a Gospel of John tract and sent him on his way. Please pray for this man!!


Witnessing Experience: The Cab Driver and the Foam Cup

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DateThursday, February 21st 2008, 8:28 AM Icon86 Date1

Last year, november 19th to be exact, I wrote down in my journal my witnessing experience for that day which was the following:

"So I took a cab today to the hospital and while on our way there I just kep thinking about the driver's unsaved condition. We were less than 5 minutes away from the hospital and I couldnt contain myself, something inside of me urged me to witness to him like noboy's business, but I just couldn't articulate the words and before I knew it I grabbed a pen, I had a foam cup in my left hand and on the cup's sides I began to write what my lips couldn't utter. God of course orchestrated a few traffic jams giving me enough time to write the entire law and gospel the Way of the Master's way and before I got out of the car I asked the driver 'Will you please do me a favor?' handed him the cup, 'read this' I said and he began to read it and as I stepped out of the car he said 'this is about God' and smiled, I shut the door and walked away toward the entrance of the hospital. The seed was planted and now its God's turn to water it and make it grow if its His will."

Ok...awesome witnessing experience right? WELL!! This year, about a month ago the following happened!!!: [Before you read, wow, God is so amazing!! and so good!!]

"Witnessing Experience of the Day:

So my parents were supposed to take me to the university today, but they both had something to do and at the last minute had me take a cab there. I called the same cab company I always do, 5 minutes later the cab arrived I hopped on and we left. Almost half way through the ride the man asks me: "Hey I took you to the Maternity 'Hospital de la Mujer'(The Woman's Hospital)' once didn't I?" "Well I guess, probably" I answered back, he went on to tell me very excited "you gave me a cup once with something written on it" I remembered completely, he was driving me to the hospital and I had this urge to witness to him but the words wouldn't come out of my mouth, we were in this huge bumper-to-bumper jam and I just couldn't get out of that car without him knowing about Christ so I took a foam cup I had been drinking water from and wrote the law and gospel on its sides and right before I stepped out of the car asked "Hey could you do me a huge favor? Read this!" and handed him the cup, he agreed with a smile and sped off. And today he kept on saying "I still have that cup I have it like a trophy in my bedroom" "Really? and so what did you think about what it says?" I asked, he replied with a vague answer and then said he'd been trying not to sin and that he'd been going to church and a youth group (RCC mind you). Then I proceeded to tell him that good works don't get us into heaven, that no one can keep the law and that because of this Christ had to die on the cross so that there could be a way to be forgiven. And then there was silence. I was not a happy camper, when we finally arrived I spoke again and told him that my reason for talking to him the way I was doing was because I didn't want to see him go to hell and that even though I didn't know him I still cared for him and wanted to see him get saved, I told him that the word of God says that if one is not born again one cannot enter heaven and that one is born again through repentance of sins and faith in Jesus Christ. His name is Kennedy, please pray for him"

That was such a treat for me! but again I was saddened because he had put the foam cup as a trophy but instead of turning to Christ he turned to his effort. He had cherished the thought but not the Gospel. I haven't seen him again [I'm always taking cabs to church because its too far from where I live and usually my parents can't or won't take me] my prayer is that Kennedy will realize that his good works can't save him, be convicted of his sinful heart and finally humble himself before the Lord! Please pray him!!


Book Shopping

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DateWednesday, February 20th 2008, 3:13 PM Icon99 Date5

Disclaimer: This happened yesterday, I wrote it yesterday as well on my blog :P

Something really sad happened today. After being dropped off at the place where my nutritionist's office is located, I decided to walk to the building across from it, where I knew there is a Christian bookstore, since I had about an hour and a half free before my appointment.
I went in started looking at the books they had, found the Truth War book by John MacArthur, grabbed it right away to buy it but before doing so I kept on looking at what other books they had. It then occurred to me since I was there, to ask around for some Puritan books so I'd save myself the trouble of having to order them online even if they were in spanish (I know I'm weird, I just don't like translated books). To my surprise the very nice lady who was helping me did not even know who the Puritans were. I kept on looking at the many different books they had while apparently she went to ask another nice lady who did not know either, again to my amazement. After that she asked a man who was there explaining something about a book to a customer, he looked at me and chuckled, obviously he knew what Puritans I was talking about, sadly they had no puritan books.
The sad part? They have all the Osteen books, all the Warren books, all the books on Dr. Don Colbert, and a lot of them weird emergent books!! *sigh*
On the plus side, I found a Hebrew bible, which I'm so going back there to get AND the Septuagint :D which I'm going to get as well.

Update on my Diet: I've lost 8 pounds so far, and my BMI is in 21% yay praise the Lord!! :D