Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Daniel anyone?

Iran "predicting" the destruction of Israel?? People asking for a mediator of peace?? You know all that information should be stressful to anyone, but to me it only reminds me of a ticking clock behind the curtains tied to a time bomb ready to explode in any minute. According to our wonderful bible, there are things that are supposed to happen before the end finally comes. And this is one of them. Israel is under so much pressure with the whole Iran wanting to destroy them that of course they'll sign a peace agreement with whomever comes across them with one, i'm just dying to know who this very important "Peacemaker" will be.
Something that has been happening lately, is this false profet, something Miranda or Miranda de Jesus i think his name is. Well he's a man going around the world saying he is Jesus Christ recluting his own followers, he claims that sin doesn't exists and that he himself is the antichrist...sure whatever he is obviously not the antichrist, but I also hear he was doing miracles or something of the sort..I think he is a sham, a sham with followers no indeed. And just as people were criticizing the man and this country for letting him in, I on the other hand am glad that this too is happening.
My point is that to all of those who believe the word of God to be false, well here are a couple of facts that confirm a few prophesies of many to come that have fulfilled.

God Bless Everyone!!
Rita M.