Monday, July 19, 2010

The New Abortion Strategy

Albert Mohler writes an article about the new abortion strategy, and their plans of wanting to turn abortion into a mainstream industry. But in light of an article I had read many months ago, on how pro-abortion feminists, more especifically Nancy Keenan, are worried about the next generation not being passionate enough about the pro-choice movement, I say let them try. Soon enough the supporters of murdering babies in the womb will soon die off, finding that they have killed those that would've continued with their pro-abortion legacy.
Like Mohler commented on Nancy Keenan's concern:
"In other words, the pro-abortion movement has weakened itself by the very fact that its core members tend to have fewer children and to have abortions in larger numbers than the general population. That math does not work to their advantage."1
The tragedy of abortion remains one of this nation’s greatest reasons for shame, and the fact that over a million abortions are performed each year is nothing less than horrifying. In light of this tragedy, it is at least encouraging to know that abortion, though an industry of death, is not a growt...