Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Abortion Issue

El debate sobre el aborto en República Dominicana (The debate on abortion in the Dominican Republic)

Octubre 02, 2007/October 02, 2007

by Manuel Jiménez (translated by me/Rita M.)

SANTO DOMINGO (Reuters) - The Catholic and Evangelic churches, as well as conservative groups, warned wednesday that in case of depenalizing abortion, Dominican Republic would become "the human slaughterhouse of the Caribbean."

The postition is contained in an official notice made known by the religious institutions and civic movements that reject a project of law that the Congress is discussing to legally authorize the abortion due to health reasons.

"The massive murder of children in the uterus is a terrible way of terrorism," they said in the official notice, in which they insisted that upon lifting the prohibition it would turn the country into the "human slaughterhouse of the Caribbean."

Within the framework of the debate on the subject, feminist groups and the Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations (ONG/NGO), as well as some legislators, they have been pronounced in favor of the legalization of abortion, especially the cases in which the mother's life is in danger. [PLEASE! this is just an excuse, this would be the first step to completely legalize abortion in any situation]

Actually, the dominican law establishes that "all woman, adult, young or girl, is forced to carry to term a pregnancy even though it is the outcome of a rape or incest," something which feminist groups and legislators of diverse parties condemn.

The reform proposes "the penal nonimputability to the interruption of the pregnancy, within the first 90 days of gestation, when it is the result of a sexual violation, puts in danger the life of the woman, when it demonstrates genetic malformations or serious congenital malformations in the product of the pregnancy or when the pregnancy is the result of fertilization, " according to the project.

Around 59 countries in all of the world, among which can be found Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Thailand, "asume this comprehensive activity toward abortion in sight of these specific causes," the defenders of the reform argue.

But the churches and opposing groups, maintained in the official notice that "The Dominican Republic should not have to foment the genocide against its own population by means of the legalization of the murder of its children."[1] (emphasis mine)

Please pray for my country and that the legalization of abortion will not take place!!

God Bless!

[1]: Read the Spanish version written by Manuel Jiménez at http://latino.msn.com/noticias/articles/ArticlePage.aspx?cp-documentid=5453012

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