Monday, May 05, 2008

Comunication Skills...more like problems

I am such a horrible person. Seriously, I have serious communication problems. I don't know why on this earth I have such trouble to pick up a phone and call people to see how they're doing, this needs to change. I don't return emails, I don't call people, I don't even IM them!! and then I wonder why these friendships mysteriously disintegrate. I'm finally stepping up and confessing that I do have a problem.
- My friend from high school Milkys got engaged this year, she messaged me new years day, the day after the proposal and she messaged me to tell me her wonderful news. And I haven't even called her!
- My US History teacher, Mr. H, who is also my friend wrote to me last year about the wonderful news of his soon-to-be engagement and I still haven't written back!!
- My friend from middle school, High school and practically all my life, Ricky, had a birthday last week and I didn't even call him, not even to apologize for not showing up for dinner Saturday night.

I confess and I repent. I'm a terrible person and friend. I pray the Lord will change this selfish, unthoughtful way of mine and that He may transform me and fill me with His love.

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