Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Reverence: a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe; veneration.1
As we left the movie theater after having watched the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, a brother in Christ commented to me how it got to him the fact that in the movie people bowed down to the King, specifically to Aslan, and how back in the day when such things as Kings and Queens existed people understood the honor and reverence behind such gestures and yet we as Christian say things like "To God be the Honor and Glory", "Lord to you we Bow down in Honor and Praise", we kneel down or lift our hands up or bow down and yet we don't truly comprehend the honor and reverence behind these gestures since we have never had to actually bow down to a human king or queen as people once did in the olden days. I couldn't agree more. Yet today I opened my iTunes wanting to listen to my Church's sermon last Sunday, which I missed due to a shift I had at the hospital, and as I waited for it to download clicked on Johnny Hunt's Church's sermon and I was just awestruck when he said "Stand with me in honor of the reading of God's dear word..." maybe we should spend a day thinking about what it truly means to honor God and to bow down before our Lord and King!
This also applies to every time we pray, when we read His precious word and definitely when we preach His gospel which He has entrusted us!

1: Definition taken from Dictionary.com


Matthew Celestine said...

A monarchy is the best system of government on earth as we British all know!

Moon said...

you probably know better what its like to stand in the presence of a king!..well I don't know if a monarchy is better I've never lived under such a system, but I guess anything else is better than the corrupt system we've got here in this country