Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Black Friday to Remember

I wrote this that day after spending a good 5 hours with my friend Jen Guerriero from Reformed Sheology at Dolphin Mall in Miami, FL passing out tracts and witnessing to people:
"Today's evangelism adventure was incredible. I met Jen in front of old Navy, we met in person for the first time. We stood not far from the old navy store and started by handing out Million Dollar Bill Tracts which Jen had brought with her, she had brought 6 packs which we started to hand out and people gladly took them and some even asked for more!
There were a lot of hispanics at the mall, no surprise to us since its Miami, I got to talk to one JW (Jehovah Witness), the lady made me take out my Bible. She was asking why we were doing what we were doing instead of preaching right from the Bible, then she agreed with herself that no one would listen if we did (yeah that and we'd get kicked out of the mall which did happen anyway). I tried to explain to her how we use the tract by asking the "Million dollar question" which is 'Will we get to heaven?' and explained that by looking into the mirror of God's perfect law, the 10 Commandments, we could know how we stand before the Lord. That explanation lead to her telling me that there is no literal hell, we discussed about that for a while, then we argued about people seeking God, I told her that no one sought after God and quoted her Romans 3:10-17, and said that it is God who chooses to save us, she obviously disagreed with me (yes even after I quoted her Romans) she said that God had to have seen something in us to have chosen us. Eventually the lady had to leave and I saw her off quoting Ephesians 2:8-9 right before she left.
Jen got to talk to someone working at the store behind us and also to another random guy who stopped to ask about the tracts we were handing out. After that my aunt, cousins and my cousin's mother in law, neither of whom are Christian, passed by us and Jen handed them some gospel tracts. After that a police officer came over to where we were and very politely asked us to stop handing out whatever we were handing out, Jen asked if we could do so outside and he said we could so. So as we walked to the nearest most populated entrance, the main entrance, to keep me from becoming discouraged Jen told me that she had learned to think tat whenever stuff like that happened she would say to herself "God wants us to be somewhere else" and indeed the Lord wanted us right where He sent us, the main entrance. There we had the opportunity to hand out over a thousand tracts and talk to different people both from the US and outside the US. In total we handed out over 1300 tracts including the ones we handed out inside the mall (All supplied by Jen God bless her!).
While outside we spoke to a man named Cesar from my country, 3 old men from Nicaragua (whom I desperately hope would get a bible or read the gospel of John as I exhorted them, Jen got to give them a spanish gospel tract), 3 young men 1 who is from Haiti and claimed to be a Christian, all the old hispanic ladies who couldn't read the gospel tracts cause they were in enligsh (I forgot to take my gospel of John tracts in spanish to the mall! but that too was for a reason).
But most assuredly the highlight of our day in the midst of it all was a girl who walked up to us and told us that she had felt the need to say that God was pleased with what we were doing and encouraged us to never stop. Jen and I got teary-eyed.
It was an amazing day, the Lord is so so good and my prayer is that those people we witnessed to will seriously consider the things we told them and repent and believe the gospel, who knwows perhaps today was the day the Lord chose to bring repentance to some of them.
The most important thing is the Gospel was faithfully proclaimed and the Lord was glorified and that is what matters most, that He gets all the Glory. What a privilege it always is to be used by Him so that He may be glorified.
On the other hand I was so glad to meet Jen, she's such a sweetheart and an encouragement. I could definitely go out witnessing with her again."

Funny Moment during the day: Jen had some gospel tracts that said in the front page All of What men have learned about women and when you open the little booklet the pages are empty, so we're handing those out only to men, we handed one to each of three guys who walked by us and so we stood at a distance from them and saw them open the booklet, we just started laughing about it and one of the guys said "Hey I'm offended!" Jen told him that its supposed to be an offense to us because we are supposedly so mysterious, and then we pointed them to the back of the booklet which has a gospel presentation, that opened the door for us to witness to them.

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Jennifer said...

Hey, Rita! Yes, this was so much fun. I did not post on my blog but posted about our time at the mall over at the Fishin' Fools Message Board. I am trying to localize everything onto just a few sites but it is hard keeping up with all these blogs! Ack! I had a great time and we definitely need to meet up and do it again soon.