Friday, November 14, 2008

Why I don't like Rob Bell

To treat scripture in such a trite manner...around minute 20:12....ugh.

Recommended Audio: Dan Phillips' Post-Election Sermon (on Galatians, the Cross of Christ and our precious Gospel. A very very awesome sermon!)

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Penn Tomassetti said...

Well, as grievous as it was to listen to 49 minutes of this guy commenting on a really bad sermon by Rob Bell, I am glad you posted it Rita! And the reason is because I am reminded of all the Scripture verses that speak of Christ's sheep hearing His voice and not the voices of strangers (see John 10), and also that it is clear when you look closely that this man does not understand the gospel or the Bible, and these emergent people need to be told what it really is about. That Christ Jesus came into the world from the Father to die on the cross for the wicked and hell-deserving sins of those whom the Father has chosen to give Him. And that Christ rose the third day after burying our old sinful life in the tomb and now lives to give life and justification to all who bow and submit fully to His Lordship over their lives.

Grace and peace in our Savior.

P.S. these heretics always get me fired up to speak the truth!