Wednesday, September 28, 2011

October Unprocessed 2011

I have signed up for a challenge for the month of october to eat unprocessed foods. I thought it might spur me to write more on my once-cherished-but-now-abandoned blog, and to help me make wise, conscious decisions about what I eat and cook for my husband. While I try to lean towards healthy foods and home cooked meals, it is very easy to go for sweet treats and processed foods to cut my cooking time in half and whip up a delicious dinner or breakfast or dessert. So with this challenge I will be sticking to healthy, whole foods recipes and a little creativity, while trying to stick to our monthly budget. I also want to think about doing things more for the Glory of God than for my superficial and physical benefits. Which brings me to the question, how can I during this month glorify God through eating unprocessed foods? Soon you will find out as I blog about my experience.

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