Friday, December 09, 2005


I was thinking the other day...Well I'm always thinking it..But it is so amazing how you can see people spending thousands and thousands of dollars/pesos/euro in therapy trying to understand why all of a sudden they do not feel like living anymore, or why they're so unhappy and frustrated when the answer is simple. I know it may sound simple to me now, cuz trust me if someone would have said to me a year ago all you have to do is believe that Christ is your Lord and Savior and accept him in your heart, and that burden you've been carrying for so long will be gone, I would've laughed. Shame on me. But the Lord has his own way of working and he knew exactly when to let me fall so he could pick up the pieces and I could realize what he was trying to show me.
People, this is a person (me) who accompanied her sister to church activities and prayer groups, church and saw they way they all acted and said to myself.."I just can't, I could never be like those people. Noooo! That? That will never happen to me. Lord I love u and all, but you know I'm a good girl, really I hardly ever lie and when I do its little things like yes mom I took a bath when actually I hadn't" But like they said in church on Wednesday "For impossible things, God looks for the most impossible person and breaks him/her down" Now I'll tell you without God we are NOTHING. I felt like no one, I was never popular, or the most loved one, never invited to all the parties. But to know what I know now, to feel what I feel, to have Christ in my heart :D It's like I'm the luckiest girl in the entire World! And oh how I would love to share it with everyone, how I would love to see people that felt like me, convert. So I pray to God each day to try to guide those people to the light, where we all belong.
God Bless

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