Sunday, December 11, 2005

Being a Med Student

So there we were, walking down the parking lot of the very huge, new and pretty Herrera Hospital. All we needed was the music on the background and a space on WB and we could've been the newest hit TV series "Herrera ER". LOL! It felt so great, in case you haven't quite understood yesterday was my first day as an "ER Doctor" at a hospital and the experience was too awesome!!! Being a med student rocks! And for all of you out there who are studying medicine and are thinking twice about it because of what you have to learn, the books you need to read and the countless hours of your life you spend studying it is WORTH IT!!
Yesterday I sutured my first Px and it was wonderful, I was very nervous and I really did not want to do it because I was afraid of doing it wrong but in the end I agreed to. So there I was in the hallway in front of my Px remembering what to do: "Gloves, Instruments, Clean, anesthesia, suture, knot, cut, suture, knot, cut, clean" I could see his foot moving as I inserted the needle into his skin time after time, but to his luck it was a very tiny cut and I only gave him 2 sutures, so after I cleaned all his other wounds and covered them, removed the blanket of the bed, my colleague finished writing his Clinical History, and I finished writing order for and x-ray of my Px's left foot, he went on his way but not before thanking me. It was sweet because he knew it was my first time, and he realized that I didn't know if I was doing it right, but in the end it was all well. The day was not slow at all, a lot of Pxs came in, most of them were car and motor accidents, and just one case of an at-home-accident, a kid who had wounded his left thigh. The saddest case of the afternoon was one of an old man who was run down on the street, the guy who ran him down was decent enough to bring him to the hospital, but shameful enough to abandon him there. All in all it was a great first experience and it makes all the trouble i've been through as a Med Student worth it.

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