Thursday, July 27, 2006

Two Love Birds

So today I was asking Father to inspire me to draw, but instead He has filled my heart with love and has inspired me to write. It's been a while since i've written poems, and I had left poetry because it didn't seem to suit me, but now as I've matured in heart and soul, I "draw" the feelings harbored inside. So here's one of the two poems I've written. It's not really about anyone at all, honestly. It just sort of popped in my head. More like about nature and love within it.

Two Love Birds
by: Rita Martinez

Two Love birds sing away,
Branch to Branch,
from a tree on a steep.

Each heart is array
for their love to meet.

One tweet tweets,
the winter day away.
The other, to impress,
his wings it flaps.

One is bright,
with a colorful display.

The other,
large in size,
and dimmer colors it has.

The one offers a straw
for a nest to bear,
The other,
the warmth of her bosom
for little ones to hatch.

When spring arrives
and flowers bloom,
the tweeting,
carries off into the wind
A song to join two lovebirds
on a branch.

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