Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to Cloudy days and Rainy nights

Figuratively speaking the title to this blog would sound like there's some trouble. The truth is, that is how God and I like it, Cloudy and Rainy and cozy. After two weeks of going through a dry spell in my relationship with the Lord, He brought me back with an amazing sermon last Sunday, an amazing book (Isaiah) and some other amazing things He has put in front of me. So today I'm taking the time to Shout out to God and say THANK YOU!!! And I LOVE YOU!! YAY!!!...I'm sorry my heart is just leaping with Joy :D:D:D It just feels so good to "be back" but I'm glad we went through it because God made me realize some things that were not right with me that needed to be "fixed" and so Him and I have been working on it...One of the things that we still have to work on is my being selfish sometimes and not apologizing for it. Hopefully this week things will be back on track yay!. Please pray for me!! It is much needed. And thank you :)

May the Lord bless you all!
Rita M.

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