Friday, August 11, 2006

If I had just one day...

"Lord if I had just one day I'd surely spend it studying..." I said out loud last night while thinking "right...there is no other day, tomorrow's the test period" I had not slept one bit, it was almost 6 am the sun was out and people here were starting to get ready to go to work. "I'll sleep a couple of hours and then I'll study some more" I thought. "Oh God please!!!! I'm going to flunk! I've tried studying but it just wont get in my head...I can't flunk this class" I said out loud, while I chatted and skimmed through the pages of the Pathological Anatomy II classes all at the same time. 6:10AM time to sleep a bit. I slept like a baby. 10 A.M. well time to get up, and study some more. "The test is in 4 hours I think I might be able to cram in some more" or so I thought. 11:00 Nothing, my head was empty, bits of information here and there but nothing that could possibly make any sense.
*Ring Ring*
- (Marcos) Rita?
- (Marcos) where are you?
-At home, I'm getting ready to go to class.
(Marcos)The exam started an hour ago...
(Marcos)Ehh... yeah!
- But, But!! isn't the test at 1???
(Marcos) No! the class stars at 11 and ends at 1pm
-Your kidding!!!
(Marcos)The teacher says you can come and take the test tomorrow at
-Omgosh how embarrassing!!! please tell him it was an honest mistake! oh gosh!
(Marcos)Lol! I will don't worry..he says to come at 10 tomorrow, room 307.
-Oh my..i'm so embarrassed ok..thanks marcos!

"Oh DEAR GOD THANK YOU!!!!" I yelled as I fell to the ground on my knees.
If I had just one day...

So yeah, that happened today!!!!! And I'm taking advantage of my extra day!!
Pray for me!
And may God bless you all!!!
Rita M.

*UPDATE* [9/11/07]
Funny thing is this class which I was repeating is sort of like the continuation of Histology which was the first class I flunked after I had told God to leave me alone and let me find my own happiness.... :) just a thought

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