Sunday, September 17, 2006

Looking Up

Well things seem to be looking up for me, although the situations i'm facing are still here I'm yet again reminded of God's promises, the risks I've assumed, the sacrifices, the path I'm treading. Last wednesday was comunion day at my church and I was glad to assist. Arriving brokenhearted and with the lamp of my soul fading and left filled with God's Holy Spirit. Left only to arrive to a place where darkness reigns in every corner, and where keeping this light bright and shinning is a struggle. But I extend my hand out waiting for God to grab it and tell me everything will be ok. Comfort words that are every where if I only sought them.
I wish I didn't complain so much. I offered myself to be a servant and I have done a crappy job as one. You start at home before you can be one out there, but if right here at home I can't contain myself from complaining and muttering words of discomfort, and this is when you realize you need to stop, look up and pray.
Dearest God I know You said this wasn't going to be easy and I'm sorry I've failed to understand it. But God as merciful as always, today sent words of hope and encouragement pointed my way. Today's sermon was about God's Holiness. How precious His Holiness is. How important it is for us to know He is Holy, and how there is no comparison between God and us. But also how He, througout the bible, stresses the importance for His people to know that we have to be holy because He is holy. Meaning for us to have a good relationship with God we have to recognize that He is holy, that He cannot come in contact with Sin, so we have to step away from everything and anything that might taint His precious Holiness. Meaning we have to lead a life of sanctity because He is Holy. The sheer desire of wanting to be with Him is not enough if we don't strive to live a life of sanctity. This message to others might not sound hopeful, but to me and God knows why, it gave me all the Hope I was searching for.
Another light shed my way was being able to step out of my box and seek advice and someone who'll listen. After church today I went to Ms. Persia's house and oh surprise food was waiting there for me as well!! :D well thats besides the point, the thing is I felt so relieved for the first time in a long time. Writing about my feelings and my situations is ok, but to have someone to talk to is even better. And this doesn't mean that God isn't enough, God wants us to reach out to others in need and to let yourself be reached by others when needed.
As hard as this walk may be, I'm more than thankful to be in it. To be part of God's family. To be in the Truth and not wondering if there is more to life. I'm blessed inmensly and I owe it all to what Christ did for you and me.
May God bless you all!, May you proclaim His name as Holy!! King of Kings!! The Great I am! And if you as well are struggling know that God is here, that Christ is alive, that His promises will never fade!
Rita M.

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