Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh and yeah...

If that weren't enough I'm dyingggg to get married and have babies...I knitted my first baby hat (does this count as nesting even though I'm not married nor in a relationship at the time?) I was at my aunts house today, we went shopping for yarn and needles and such so I decided to spend the day at her house. Both my cousins' sons were there (my aunt's daughters) one of them went to sleep with his mom so I stayed with the other little one and we had so much fun together, I read him the Jungle book and we played with this green stuffed frog and a winnie the pooh stuffed animal...pretending i was ms. Frog (or was it a toad?) and he was mr. Bear...waaaaaaa :'( and we watched cartoons...and anyway..i'm dying to do all of these things with my own little ones one day but it just seems like tomorrow is never going to come...The weird part about it all is that I look back and notice how time has flown by, but I think about the future (not worried about it, more like hmm in this or that amount of years i'd like to do this...but let God's will be done, even though I have plans I know God has His..and well better His plans than mine that is for sure!) seems like the future is a million years there...that really is the end of my not so mini rant.

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