Tuesday, October 31, 2006

3:35am and My Head Wont Shut Up...

I said there was a lot I needed to say..well here goes.
I had been thinking about all the people who hate that I'm a Christian and who desperately want the old Rita back. And its funny, when I needed these people they weren't there, when I wasn't interesting or fun enough they all bailed out, but now that I'm happy, that I threw out the old clothes and have dressed in new ones, now that God picked me up and made me whole again, now is that they want me back. Well among the obvious reasons, here's a list of things I have been given because of my decision:
1. Happiness (What I had been seeking all my life)
2. Love (What I desperately needed)
3. An amazing relationship with my Sister (Its a long story, point being: I hated my sister and I think I was not her favorite person either and now its like we're kinda sort of best friends)
3. Truth!
4. Self-esteem
5. A Clean Slate
6. An Amazing Church!! (I LOVE my church, its like a million miles away from my house, and a lot of people have insisted I go to another one closer to home, but it is the church God has given me and the easy way out is not always the best solution)
7. Internet Friends Who Care about me! (Christian internet friends)

And the list goes on...
God Bless!!
- Rita M.

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