Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In The Spirit

In The Spirit III
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I wrote this poem last Wednesday.

In The Spirit

I do not know if he was born in April.
I do not know if he was born in May.
I just want to celebrate my Savior.
His Birth, as God had promised Israel.

My Lord was born in a humble manger,
With humble parents my dear Lord was raised.
And humbly he lived a life as teacher,
And in a humble cross my Lord, died He.

He came to teach His people a few lessons.
A spotless, sinless Life lived He.
He gave examples of how this could be accomplished.
And sacrificed His life for all to see.

He taught us of an unending love,
He taught us of a mighty God, Graceful He.
He gave us all a purpose, a life worth living.
A life of righteousness, and key to set us Free.

My loving God had promised to never leave us.
And though He died on the third day He broke free.
He beat the devil and the death that would destroy us.
And He came back as He had promised it would be.

Our Lord and Savior now resides up in heaven.
With God our Father, for us to call on when in Need.
But sent us down the Holy Spirit to live inside us.
To guide us when in darkness we should ever be.

And that's the meaning Christmas holds inside me,
When caroling and colorful Christmas trees I see.
When gleeful lights lit houses upon houses,
And people speak about our Lord's History.

To Celebrate my Lord and Savior's birth
as God had promised me.

©2006 ~mo0nangel

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