Sunday, March 04, 2007


I have returned to the stone age, in other words, I've been writing in a notebook since this semester leaves little time for me to really sit in front of the computer and meditate on my daily "adventures"...but vacation is right around the corner (in 2! :P) and i will take a good advantage of it :D This year began wonderfully! The Lord has set out a few trials for me...and well i'm still oasis-hopping...which is something i'll explain later... One thing this year has done is make me thank God inmensly for everything I have...we don't realize it sometimes, but we have to sit down and think of the blessings God has rained on us and thank Him for them...not just with our lips, but with out actions. The phrase "The good thing is we have Good health and that is what is important, if our health was bad our life would be bad" or something along those lines, ringed in my ear a lot this past month. And I always felt the urge of saying what about our Spiritual Health?? but alas, I'm still a tad shy and I apologize constantly for it. There's a lot of things I have to blogg about but for now I must go off to study land, for I have a big test tomorrow...oh dear me...Pray for me and my classmates!!
May The Lord Bless each and everyone!
Rita M.

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