Sunday, April 01, 2007

No Time

I seriously have no time. But I do have time to say this one thing: I'm loving this life more than ever, and each day my love for the Lord grows. Through the hardships and through the joys. One thing I must advice, whenever you are going through a storm or a desert, have patience. By experience, I can tell you that the exit way could be either a year away, 4 years away, or 2 weeks away, only God knows when the time for the hardships to be over is. Pray incessantly!! REALLY!! NEVER EVER EVER stop praying it it'll be your oasis through the desert and the rainbow through the storm. Have faith in God and trust His will in whatever you are going through because He truly is in control of EVERYTHING. Nothing escapes our awesome God!! He truly is amazing!!! And Worthy of all worship and praise!!

God bless you all!!
Rita M.

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