Saturday, April 19, 2008

Online Sermons

I'm sooo thrilled that my Church has finally decided to upload the sermons on the Church web page, finally! they began doing that last week, they'll be up every Monday afternoon. So I took the liberty to put up a little widget there on the right side linking to the sermons. They are of course in Spanish.

I. Last weeks sermon was on Romans 8:33 and the importance of understanding our Eternal Security in Christ. I liked the sermon I just wished he would've made a clear emphasis at the end that even though we cannot lose our Salvation this doesn't mean we have the green light to do as we please and sin all we want because heck we can't lose our salvation! Other than that it was great. We had a guest Pastor from a church called Iglesia Bautista de la Gracia/Baptist Church of Grace

II. This week one of our pastors, Pastor Chacho we kindly call him, preached on making Jesus Christ Lord of our lives and not just Saviour. He talked about how we are now slaves to Christ, which was so amazing because just this morning before going to church I was having a discussion with a friend who claims that we are not slaves because we are God's children and equal to Christ, and while I went to Romans 6 to show my friend that the Bible teaches we are either slaves to sin or slaves to righteousness, pastor Chacho went to a numerous of other verses which I had not thought of that talked about that. Of course he's a pastor, I'm just a baby sheep learnin' the ways.

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