Monday, July 14, 2008

TAGGED! - 7 Random Facts

Well I've been tagged, yay! By my friend and sister in Christ Jennifer from Reformed SHEology.
Sadly I can't tag 7 people back so whoever wants to do the tag thing either by commenting or doing it on your own blog feel free to do so! These are the rules: Post seven random things about you that others might not know and tag 7 people back. So here goes:

1. I Like Making Lists of Everything: prayer list, list of clothes I take when I travel, lists of things I'm planning on buying, lists of books I'm reading, I'll read a chapter in any book in the bible and will make a list of things I understood from it, a list of what I'll eat during the day, etc

2. I love to sing. I sang in front of over 3,000 people (during flag ceremony in high school) with my friend Susie, yet I will not sing in front you even if you're my best friend on this earth.

3. I once waited for hours in a movie set right here in the Dominican Republic to catch a glimpse of the actors starring in the movie being filmed (The Good Shepherd), Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Robert Deniro. The Outcome? I took a picture with Matt Damon, saw Angelina Jolie up close, never saw Brad Pitt and Robert Deniro waved back at me. Did this change me in any way? heck no but it was pretty cool that I didn't even have to leave my country to catch a glimpse of these people.
During that same time I also met, Jaime Foxx. The weirdest yet hilarious movie star encounter ever. My mom and I were out shopping, while I was in the dressing room trying on some clothes my mom was outside advicing Mr. Foxx not to buy a skirt he was going to buy for his mom I guess (bear in mind that this was all through some sort of hand waving sign language because my mom cannot speak an ounce of english) As I exited the dressing room I saw this tall dark man that looked like Jaime Foxx and I thought hmmm maybe I should walk up to him and tell him he looks like that tv actor Jaime Foxx. So I did, he replied..."I am Jaime Foxx". I had him sign me an autograph which by now i've probably misplaced.

4. I love to read, a LOT, but it never ever crossed my mind that the one book I'd have such a passion for would be the same book over 3 years ago I had said was filled with mistakes and shouldn't be considered. The Bible.

5. I love to learn new things but I hate instruction manuals I never read them. I get these random ideas of things I'd like to learn and with a little help of the Internet I end up learning. Thats how I learned to knit, to use photoshop, I was even learning hebrew that way but had to drop it because I didn't have time.

6. Before I wanted to be a doctor I wanted to be a veterinarian. My parents to test me I guess got me a job at the local Vet's office and for 2 weeks I worked there I even saw a surgery done on a female dog! It was amazing. What made me change my mind? a puppy I had was poisoned with rat poisoning, I took him to the Vet's office at like 2am he was having seizures and ultimately died, the poison was too strong and he was too young, barely two months old. I was too sad and decided I couldn't take watching any more puppies die. Of course I had never seen a person die, and much less a child. These are things that truly change a person forever.

7. I can't get enough of card games (not the ones you bet on) especially Solitaire and one called vietnam. During my senior year in high school our English Lit teacher Mr. Fischer, taught me, Omar and Susie how to play Vietnam. We spent that entire year playing at every chance we got.


irandominican said...

hi my dear sister, nice blog yo have here, really nice if one takes into aoount htat you are studing medicine(how do you fine time?)
but concerning the entry on the church directery, i do not find the asteric thing to be the best way to present those churches...(think about in prayeres)
GOD bless you.
by the way my brother and his fiance goes to yor really good church, i go to "la biblica de la gracia" and only know of the others "la ibsj" (went there before for three years)and "ibnp"with my beloved friend hector santana; so its not a personnal thing.

Penn Tomassetti said...

I hope you don't mind... I added you to my links on All of Grace. Do I have your permission? :)

Moon said...

Irandominican, thanks so much for visiting my blog and your comments. The whole asterix idea is really because either I haven't been to those churches or I don't know the people who go there or what they preach, but I plan to find out by visiting them so that I may know for sure that I'm pointing people to good churches. But I'll consider your suggestion :) Thanks for your input.
God bless ya brother! :)
By the way your pastor went to preach over at my church over a month ago, incredible preacher! :D I've been wanting to go to your church ever since.

Of course i don't mind! :D

Jennifer said...

Rita, I love to sing and play card games too. Maybe we can get together sometime to play Skip-bo!

Moon said...

We most definitely should Jen! That'd be great! :)