Thursday, August 21, 2008

Of Birthdays and Other Celebrations

Exactly 23 years ago on a day like today inside the delivery room the Lord allowed me to breathe my first. Ordained before the foundation of the world to be the day of my birth, so that on the year 2005 I, by His Grace and Mercy, would be saved and be born again. It is a privilege and honor to be allowed to have a chance in this thing called life, and an immeasurable blessing to be allowed to be a part of God's family, that such a Saviour would go through the pain of the cross for a sinner like me. Thank You Lord Jesus! Thank you for mercies which are new everyday!


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Rita! May God greatly use and bless you for His glory over the year ahead (and always!).

p.s..I noticed from your profile that you seem to love the Sovereign Grace Song "I Have A Shelter" as much as I do!! Have you listened to "Oh the Deep Deep Love" from the same CD?

Penn Tomassetti said...

I just read tonight from Ephesians 1:12 with my mom and grandmother, which says that all God's predetermining of your life and salvation was working toward "the praise of His glory." Amazing! I love the way you described your birthday giving all the praise to God. Happy birthday and may our great God and King be with you.
In Christ,

Moon said...

aawwww thank you thank you thank you!! this has been the best birthday!!!
I haven't heard that song but I do love I have a Shelter very much!!
I also noticed something from your profile, we both have the same problem, of finishing books we start! :P

that is so great that you get to read the bible with your mom and grandmother, I pray that one day I'll be able to that with my mom and dad.
"which says that all God's predetermining of your life and salvation was working toward "the praise of His glory." That is the best part!! :D

Now y'all post your birthdays for me so I'll know when to congratulate you both :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita,
Thank you for your comment on Alabaster Box... I am glad the Lord used my words to encourage you. Praise the Lord! I am glad you stopped by, and I hope you visit again.

I had to comment on this post because my birthday on on the 20th of August, one day before yours! ;) (except I am 2 years younger) I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Rita. May you continue to grow in the Lord and bring glory to His name, as I know you are doing.

God bless!

Moon said...

Thank you so much Kaysie! Happy belated birthday as well!!
And just so you know, your blog has been such a blessing to me in this day! I look forward to your next posts.
I did have a wonderful birthday, my cousin threw me a surprise party, I cried. Hope you had a great birthday as well!
May the Lord continue to bless you with His wisdom Kaysie!