Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When you feel like hiding...

This has been the weirdest vacation so far...everything in this life is different, but sometimes just sometimes i feel like hiding under a rock, or in a cave like David. The difference is he was under persecution, I'm not.
My birthday was great, my cousin threw me a surprise party, the family and medschool friends were there.
Friday is when all this strangeness began, I found out some things I didn't know were going on, which then lead to a theological discussion of sort that left me all confused...and though I've prayed for clarity, the theological discussion follows me without clarification.
I went to church Saturday, the Sunday service was moved to Saturday because they couldn't lend us the salon on Sunday. It seemed like everything I was being told on Friday emerged throughout the sermon on Saturday.
Sunday I went to another church, whose pastors have preached at IBI times before. It was a different experience, it was great, they sing hymns only, I liked it a lot. The sermon touched a lot of points but it was mainly about the Holy Spirit and its regenerating and converting work in salvation. Yet even within the sermon they mentioned and explained some of the things I was being told on Friday. But still no clarity.
All I can do is wait and read and pray.

UPDATE: And then Clarity!

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