Monday, July 24, 2006

Before Mine Eyes

So this morning, well..i wouldn't call 12:17 PM morning, but as I lay there still in bed a poem sprinted inside my mind, out of Divine inspiration I can only assume. And well here it goes:

Before Mine Eyes
by: Rita and The Big Guy

I fell on my knees
in Prayer to the ground,
And Light had shined
before mine eyes

An Angel had appeared
With golden wings
And fire engulfed his deepened eyes

And in his hand
he held a Gem
Crystal clear
and Blue as sky

And in it I saw
A beautiful face
And Christ,
a carved name that shinned

As he turned the glorious gem
inside it held a Golden key.
And up he threw the gleaming Gem
And clouds did part
to open the sky.

A glorious throne
was made evident,
A radiant light
before mine Eyes.

And In his other hand
he had held a copy
of the Golden key,
A Name was carved around the top.

Twelve gems now lay encrusted
Inside the Golden key's design.
A story written in brilliant letters
And blood indicating a sacrifice.

Up he threw the key again
And narrowed was the door up high
"Few Shall Pass" the Angel said,
And vanished right before mine eyes.


Anonymous said...

Nice, but you might want to run a spell check on it.
shinned? try shined. Deepend? try deepened.

Moon said...