Monday, January 07, 2008

De Tapa a Tapa

De Tapa a Tapa is the spanish expression for "from Cover to Cover", which is what i've begun doing this year with the Bible. I've started reading it once more and hopefully will finish reading it without any interruptions or delays God willing. From Genesis to Revelation. What a journey, just now I was remembering the first time I began to read the OT, wow I don't know about other people but It was such a delight for me to read about the begining of times, about God's character and nature and trying to understand Him each day. I felt like I was right beside Moses when he was leading the people out of Egypt, I felt like I was right there in the desert with them, going through Moses' frustrations and delighting in God's blessings toward His people, His discipline, His PATIENCE. People say that "oh the God of the OT is mean and vicious" etc, but as I read through the OT and as I tried to know God better I just couldn't see that, it just made me grow in my love toward God, and respect and reverence, toward the Great I am, El-Shaddai, the God who even though I did not deserve saving because wow what a wretch of a little girl I was, hung on a cross bore my sins faced God the Father's wrath, died and resurrected on the third day so that I could be justified before God and be declared righteous, all this by God's GRACE. What a Loving and Merciful and Just and Sovereign God He is!
Only this time I have not only been reading it (I use the bible Daily Walk Bible:"With 365 devotional helps that will guide you through the readding of the Bible in one year") I have been studying it using the following online bible comentaries: Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible Unabridged and God Speaks to Abraham: An Easy English Bible version and Commentaryon Genesis chapters 12-24

God Bless,
Rita M.

PS: Thanks to my brother in Christ SouldeSaenz I can finally write all the notes I want on my bible now with the knowledge that it wont damage it because I bought me some pigment liners while in Miami, FL after my trip to Atlanta, GA.


pastorbrianculver said...

Good luck on reading the Bible the whole way through. Don't get bogged down on Numbers and leviticus. They have their importance too. Nice post! Good to see others are fans of Way of the Master!

Moon said...

Thanks pastor brian! I actually liked very much numbers and leviticus, I really love the OT I know some things are difficult specially when things get repeated a LOT or specially in numbers when moses has to lead an entire nation through the desert...but its God's Holy and precious Word I want to read it and learn it and live it till i can't do so no more...thanks for commenting and visiting my blog!!! :D :D

and yes i'm a fan XD i confess!!