Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Second Chance

So today I was sitting outside the OR area?, in spanish its Pre-Parto (Pre-Labour?) waiting for surgeries to start at the hospital. While I waited I was looking for something I was writing on James and ways people have misquoted him so I opened my bible and began reading James. A young man sat beside me and asked me If I was a Christian, I looked up really quick and said yes and then continued reading, when I realized that this was a perfect opportunity to witness the young man stood up and left. I know, I know terrible...but I got a 2nd chance today to fish! I was at the beauty salon today because we're going to recording a scene, tonight after church, for the musical we're [a group of people from church, including youth and adults, its gonna be great God willing!] gonna present February 9th (Please pray for us and that this Musical will be honoring to God and hopefully reach families and specially the youth) anyways, I was on the hairdryer(?) and like always I opened my bible and started reading on genesis and while I was reading a lady sat beside me and asked me the same question the young man had asked me, only this time I seized the opportunity! She's catholic, like most people in my country. I shared the gospel with her, talked to her about my testimony and exposed some of the false teachings of the RCC which she oddly agreed were wrong. All in all, she promsied to read the book of John.

God bless!!
Rita Martinez

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