Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Driver's Ed!

I took my very first Driving class yesterday!!!! :D It was so exciting and scary!
Tomorrow I take the exam so I can get my driver's permit and then I'll begin the driving practice until I'm ready to take the practical exam! Hopefully that will be soon! I just hope the fear goes away soon too...I think my last accident, driving the quad bike, really got to me and now i'm just scared i might do something like that driving a car! God forbid!
Something else happened...the peeps(the driving instructor and his wife) at the Drivers Ed Institution, which is basically a small room with a desk and plenty of chairs, I think are christians (i'll ask tomorrow) well the instructors wife was telling me about these kids they've been helping out because both their parents died of aids, and how they took care of one of the little ones that was dying because of AIDS until she finally did die..and it really made me think. Sometimes we are so drowned with theology this, and theology that, and who's right and who's wrong, and sound doctrine this and sound doctrine that...and all of that is important, it really is. But it made me think that I'm just not doing enough. I wanna be out there in the real world, doing stuff, building houses and feeding people, and preaching the Gospel while I'm at it. Maybe this semester is just God's way of preparing me for the upcoming 40 years in the desert, i say that because I've really grown these past 2 months in many ways and have learned of many things about me that needed changing and have grown by God's grace more bolder to speak His Truth. Next semester God willingly I will going to one of the hardest(?)/toughest hospital to be in. Everybody is sent there, even if they live 5 hours away, there you'll see all kinds of diseases, all kinds of traumas.Services (? dunno if they're called that in the US) are every 4 days, they last 24hours and after the service which ends probably at 8am we have to stay in the hospital like a normal day of class (at other hospitals after the service you usually get the day off). There i will meet ALL kinds of people, going through ALL kinds of situations, needing ALL the help they can get both physically and spiritually. I pray to God that I will be of service in all areas, that I'll learn to deal with patients diligently and correctly and that I'll bring Him glory in anything and everything I will do.
Thats all for today...


Jennifer said...

Hi, Rita! Congratulations on your driving class! Can you explain a little more to me what a "service" is? Maybe I can tell you what we call them in the U.S.

Jennifer said...

Hi, Rita. I thought I'd post your answer here, for your other readers:

"Hi Jen! thanks for the comment! a "service" is a period of either 12 or 24 hours (depending on the Hospital) in which you have to be at the hospital in a specific area, generally the ER, doing whatever they tell you to do or whatever you are allowed to do. "Services" are usually every 4-8 days depending on the hospital you're attending (including weekends and holidays)."

I am not sure we have something like that in the U.S. We simply have shifts. Then again, people are also "on call." That means, they are not at work, but if they are called to come in, they have to report to work. I used to work at a hospital about ten years ago. I used to sterilize the surgical instruments. My brother currently works in the ER as an XRay and MRI technician.