Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fishers of Men!

"Fishers of men...

Many Christians think it's unimportant; some are just uncomfortable; more often then not, some plain don't care. We are called by God to be like Him, love like Him, die like Him. 

One of the greatest tools out there for witnessing, next to the Bible itself, is thegospel tract. Maybe you do not know how to start a conversation or don't want to start one. Tracts make great conversation pieces or great for handing out. Here in this lens I will cover some of the best companies out there.

Witnessing: it is a task for the faint of heart, yes: for; as in our weakness He shows brightest. He makes us a bright light on a hill for others to know our All Loving God. We must be witnesses. Otherwise the point to God's human birth, life, death, and resurrection are pointless. "

Found this neat website...all about sharing your faith :D


Canyon Shearer, DMin said...

Hi Rita! Please feel free to use anything on my blogsite for your evangelical purposes. does great work, if you e-mail them about the pop-quiz tract they can let you know in which bulk orders it can be ordered, as of yet it isn't available in small quantities. Keep up the good fight! He is risen! Canyon

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita ! Great Website!! I left you a Message on your myspace website as well. hang in there! i read your Post on Witnessing to your Father. Don't let the hecklers get you down. We can do ALL Things thru Christ who strengthens us. take care! God Bless! Terry

Moon said...

Hey Terry!! thanks so much for your encouraging words and your comments!
I saw the message on my msnspace as well :)
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I noticed you are a fan of Shai Linne...frekin' Awesome.

I think you might dig this video with some of Shai's crew he rolls with. Great video about Discipleship.

You have an awesome site. thanks for posting on mine! Blessings!