Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanksgiving in Miami

I need help! I'll be spending thanksgiving day and weekend in Miami with my cousin and her husband's family and there are three items I'd like to buy but have no clue, and I'm sure they'll have no clue as well, where to buy them so ATTENTION all Christians (or anyone who might know) in Miami where can I get the following:

1. An Electronics Store where I can buy this item (if it has the shape of a microphone even better :D i.e. ) ?
2. A MUSIC STORE where I can buy CD's by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Sovereign Grace Music?
3. A Christian Book Store where I can buy the ESV Bible study?

This post will be up up until a few days before my trip, I leave november 26th. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Penn Tomassetti said...

What's in the picture? (It wasn't appearing on my browser.)

Moon said...

there fixed it, thanks Penn :)