Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Hurting Body and a Brother's Enduring Love

I always love getting these stories from GFA they are an encouragement to me and I'm posting this one in hopes it'll encourage others. If there is one thing I have learned as a Christian is to be patient, and to continue in my prayers for the salvation of those near and far. There are times when we witness to someone and pray for their salvation but the hardness of heart continues and this can be quite discouraging. There is a lesson that we need to learn first: that God is who saves and the Holy Spirit who regenerates the soul not us, our duty is to proclaim the Good News.

A Hurting Body and a Brother's Enduring Love

Through the persevering prayers of His people, God is transforming lives in India every day.

It took excruciating physical pain for Baskar to consider the Gospel. But when he did, it changed the course of his life.

The young man in his late 20s had grown up in a very poor family in Karnataka, India. His parents passed away when he was only a child. Baskar's family's financial condition did not allow him to continue school past the seventh grade.

Like others who lived in their village, Baskar, his brother and sister worshipped created elements: cows, trees, monkeys and snakes. They also believed in witchcraft.

Baskar's brother, Chinnam, later married a woman named Sarita and settled in neighboring Goa. One day, he brought Baskar to live there, too, so he could find a job. Baskar came reluctantly because he knew Chinnam and his family had become Christians. He made it very clear up front that he had no interest in leaving his ways and embracing the Christian faith.

During family prayer times, Baskar would get angry and walk out.

But strengthened in their faith by their times with the Lord and by attending their church, where Gospel for Asia missionary Emmanuel was pastor, Chinnam and Sarita reached out to Baskar and prayed fervently for his salvation.

They also invited Baskar to church with them, but he did not want to go. Baskar's heart seemed hard. But his brother and sister-in-law refused to let him go on without Jesus.

Then one day, Baskar suddenly experienced pain on one side of his body. The pain was especially severe in his leg. Baskar's condition only grew worse each day, and his brother spent a considerable amount of money on his treatment. Yet it did no good. The doctors were baffled: They had been able to help others with the same symptoms, but for some reason, the same treatment wasn't helping Baskar.

Baskar finally hit the point of desperation. He asked his brother to pray for him. Chimman had his pastor, Emmanuel, and some other Christians from the church over to pray for Baskar. He also encouraged his brother to believe in Jesus. After they prayed, Baskar discovered that his health was improving.

After a week, Baskar could sit up and stand. Slowly, he began to get better until he was completely healed!

Baskar's heart softened as he saw that God had done what none of his doctors could. He chose to trust in Jesus as Savior.

Baskar attends church regularly and thanks the Lord for His healing touch—both physical and spiritual. His life has taken on new meaning as he has found hope. He desires to complete studies at a GFA Bible college to be better equipped to serve the Lord.

Pray that Baskar will continue to grow in his faith and that God will use him to proclaim to many the hope he has found.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing this story, Rita. I love to read about the different ways that God draws people to Himself.

"There is a lesson that we need to learn first: that God is who saves and the Holy Spirit who regenerates the soul not us, our duty is to proclaim the Good News."

Amen! I'm looking for a way to witness to a Muslim woman that I work for. She is a very devoted in practising Islam and her heart seems so hard that sometimes I wonder if there is any use in sharing the Gospel with her. False thinking on my part of course! I'm thankful that our job is only to proclaim, and that it's the Holy Spirit's job to convict a sinner's heart.

Moon said...

I know what you mean Steph, I've had those thoughts in my mind as well, I thought once in regards to a friend from class "nah she probably wont even want to hear it Lord"(as if any unbelievers wants to be preached to, lol!) and to my surprise she was very open to the gospel and had some questions even, and was glad to take a gospel of John. Her heart is still hardened but it taught me that it doesn't matter who the person is, what religion he or she belongs too, we all need to hear the gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
I will be praying for you and the Muslim woman, let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita!
I am a good friend of Kaysie and Penn, some other bloggers on here, so I thought I would stop by when i saw your name! I love your blog, and this story is both encouraging and powerful. Thank you for sharing. Stop by my blog sometime, I would love to "have" you!
In Him

Moon said...

Hi Phylicia! thanks so much for visiting my blog, I'm glad you were encouraged which one's your blog??